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N.I.C.H.E. The Network of Inclusive Coastal Home Educators


Guidelines For Membership
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Guidelines For Membership

Basic and "Informal" N.I.C.H.E. Guidelines

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Members agree to :

1. Recognize and respect, or be tolerant of, all members regardless of educational or political philosophies, religion or race.

2. Function in a non-directed manner. That is, no hierarchy will exist. The organizational structure will be loose and informal, without rules that can be restrictive, thus eliminating much conflict before it can occur. No one leader will make all decisions. Though there may be more active members, these are not leaders as might be perceived.

3. Offer members opportunities that they themselves would like to see planned, in the way of field trips, educational events and the like.

A. In regard to the above, any event that is offered will be planned in its entirety by the originator or originators of the offering. ( Event type, place, time, fees, siblings allowed or no, etc. )

B. All decisions will reside with the member or members who announced the event.

4. As a network, we will not have mandatory events. Individual members are not required to attend an event "sponsored" by another member. Individuals may decide whether or not they would like to participate.

For information on joining please refer to the page titled, CONTACT US. Thank you.

N.I.C.H.E., Network of Inclusive Coastal Home Educators, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29572